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Cashis – XXL Video Presents: Ca$his

There’s a great deal riding on the narrow shoulders of Ramone “Cashis” Johnson. With 10 kids, his granny and also two siblings in his care, the budding MC has 13 good reasons to be successful. Maturing in Chicago’s South Side, Cashis obtained caught up in the streets at an early age and also came to be a member of the notorious Gangster Disciples gang. After viewing the majority of his good friends pass away from ridiculous physical violence, Cashis moved to Irvine, Calif. with his mommy in 1997. When there, he related to manufacturer Rikanatti as well as rap artists H-Long and also Monique (additionally the mom of his oldest daughter) to form the Renegadez. The team delighted in regional success till disaster struck in 1999 when Monique was killed. Despite the loss, the Cali cumulative attempted to carry on but were struck with another strike when Cashis was jailed for parole offense and also had to serve a short sentence. As soon as released, he rejoined with the Renegadez as well as redoubled on music. By 2004, Cashis was considered as the “rap king of Orange Area” and drew in the focus of Shady Records A&R, Dart Parker, that authorized the young skill after hearing his mixtape, Stars With Stripes. Cashis intro to the masses, nevertheless, would not come until 2006 when he appeared together with Eminem, 50 Cent and also Lloyd Count On “You Don’t Know,” the first solitary off the platinum-selling Shady Records compilation, The Re-Up. Currently, the relentless MC is prepping his very first solo release, The County Hound EP: Limited Version. talks with Cashis regarding his new cd, troubled past and close partnership with Eminem.

Question: What’s the transition resembled going from a group member to a solo artist on Shady Records?

Cashis: Since I’m a solo artist, I’m [able] to offer you 3 knowledgeables of me. With the Renegadez, everyone in Orange County was rappin’ backpack style, which is awesome. Much respect to knapsack rap artists, yet I was trying to spit about what I was living. As well as currently as a solo artist, I have 3 knowledgeables to do that. I truly obtain a chance to reveal my life totally. Whereas, [in the Renegadez] I simply had a verse.

Question: Just how did you deal with the fatality of Monique, that was not only your team participant but also the mother of your child?

Cashis: It fucked me up. I’m still screwed up from it. That was my soul mate. I kicked it in the roads with her. I beat niggas up with her. I did all kind of spunk with her. She was the real point. I’ve been searching for that love … I can’t find [it] I took a great deal of losses. I just lost my sibling Rob. He obtained eliminated in Detroit by some pussy butt niggas. They established his house ablaze. I lost my uncle, Pacman. I dealt with a great deal of losses. Monique was excessive. I spazzed out. I was already a wild ni@@a, yet I just truly wilded out as well as threw my life downhill momentarily since I really did not care whether I died. Today, I got a reason to be here.

Question: Does the death of your family and friends have a big influence on your music?

Cashis: I use [Monique] as my motivation for songs. That’s why my songs is so real. I try to be extremely straightforward since that was one point about me she loved– I was directly up. My body resembles a fuckin’ burial ground. I obtained dead faces [tattooed] all over me. Not that it’s awesome, that’s simply what it is. Rest in peace to my little relative, Rakim. He was 17-years-old, simply got eliminated in Chicago last week. Whatever I do, it resembles someone else is passing away. I obtained my little bro Marciano out right here with me. I got him rappin’ and I’m educating him. I can steer him in the appropriate direction but still have him maintain his gangsta. He don’t have to go to prison like I mosted likely to jail, he don’t have to be an offender. There’s specific things he don’t need to do. And also I’m still significantly in the streets. I’m not a market guy. I vibe with a great deal of individuals in the sector and also I’m a trendy individual since I’m humble. But after I leave that workshop, I’m going to obtain my money.

Question: Do you ever before worry about that will deal with your family if anything ever takes place to you?

Cashis: Day-to-day I stress over what’s going tp happen to my kids if something happens to me. But Em told me he’s got my children. If something takes place to me, they’re directly protected. I enjoy Em as well as he enjoys me. That’s my homeboy. We have actually obtained really similar histories. The music we make together is incredible. We vibe on everything, from dealing with baby mother dramatization, to single parenting, to juggling rappin’ and being a papa, to [learning] how to keep your sanity. He claims I inspire him to come back in it. He’s always been my ideas. They [even] acquired me an automobile. I wanted a ’74 Lincoln. They brought that know a flatbed to Dre’s studio. All dressed up on 22’s, just the way I wanted it. No one’s ever before done shit like that for me. I haven’t offered any type of records yet. That was simply to state, “I’m fuckin’ with you, I boast of you as well as I check out you like a part of my family members.”

Cashis: Clearly, Em’s co-sign is something any brand-new artist would certainly like to have. Yet it doesn’t always ensure huge record sales.

As long as you put your best foot onward and also you make quality music, you’re excellent to address Shady Records. I’m the Capo of Shady. Em is the Don and also I value his position. Everything that comes out of my mouth is based upon the sights of not just myself, but likewise the honorable King Mathers. So I’m simply attempting to focus on making top quality songs to sustain my kids, bring Shady back and also gain the regard of the tag. I enjoy going to Shady/Interscope due to the fact that I do not have to alter. Em stated he hasn’t listened to a tune from me that he hasn’t liked. He claimed I resemble Roy Jones in his prime. I’m really humbled by that. But I don’t really feel that pressure, ’cause I’m not under stress to offer eight or 10 million records. I feel like I certainly will offer that in my job, though. By now next year, I’ll be one of the elite rap artists in the game once individuals hear me. I really, truly think that. Em believes that. 50 believes that. Dre thinks that. Financial institutions thinks that. Buck thinks that. And Interscope thinks that.

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